Meet in Town - Suggest perfect middle location for all your friends

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Meet in Town

Suggest perfect middle location for all your friends



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Whenever you and your friends decide to "where" to meet, finding perfect "middle" location is not an easy task at all. Even three, four, more group of friends to meet up makes such a headache.

This app is super simple, but gives you the PERFECT MIDDLE AND FAIR LOCATION for all of your locations to come for the meet up. It even calculates the way you guys need to take to come such as bus, tax, walking, or bicycle.



Hunter: @avocadoxy

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(1) It can help people, friends, groups to meet at the middle of the city and makes their job easy.
(2) It also shows the shortest possible way to reach the spot.
(3) It saves a lot of time.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.

Although it is not the most revolutionary app, I think it is an extremely useful because it will allow to organize meetings in more central locations and easy access allowing no longer excuses when wanting to organize any type of meeting.

Wow nice

Using this app we find meet up place very easily.

It reduce so much murden thanks for sharing.

super cool. I like, verified and upvoted!


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This is a nice platform. I remember the days when few of my friends had to make a plan to meet over the weekend and we struggled to find a good location that is easy accessible to everyone. I see this would be best suited for people like me.
Thanks for sharing.

This will never replace the messenger with the live option for 60 minutes or the whatsapp option

This tool will help to find a meeting point between friends where we all agree. I like that you calculate costs and the means of getting to the place. Excellent hunting.

Such an easy , simple idea which no one had implemented. Would be useful for people who have can't decide for themselves and the app will do that for them

Perfect application to help reduce the costs and get you on a middle ground between friends. While might not think at this in the beginning, long term it helps you get the best out of it.


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