Fancy Units - 350+ Converters All in One App, and Even it's so Beautiful

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Fancy Units

350+ Converters All in One App, and Even it's so Beautiful



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Hunter's comment

How many converter apps you have? These are mine at the moment:

  • Currency
  • Measurement
  • Math (for
  • Tip Calculator (for my date)
  • Data Converter (for my coding practice)

And I found this app today, and OMG all of them I mentioned above are in this one converter app. This app has over 350 unit converters, and most interestingly, you can customise the tabs by the units converter you use the most.

Also, this app has super gorgeous user experience design. It keeps making me fun around this beautiful app. I can guarantee that you won't regret to download this free app.

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Hunter: @avocadoxy

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Hi @avocadoxy,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Cool hunt.
We have to visit different sites for conversion of each element.This application includes all of these.Thanks for shareing.

Nice hunt avocadoxy!

This is a nice and convenient way to easily convert 350+ units or 150+ currencies between each other.

You can store your favourites too for even easier use.

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