Excel with AI - A whole new MS Excel fuelled by AI technology

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Excel with AI

A whole new MS Excel fuelled by AI technology



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A week ago, Microsoft announced a new Excel on Ignite - the new Excel can provide four extremely useful functions by using AI technology.

  1. Take a photo of table, then Excel automatically input on the sheet. No more manual typing.
  2. Auto intelligence suggestion - Excel will look for your data and suggest some ideas by analysing patterns, relativities, or trends among each data set.
  3. New data type - So far Excel was focused only for numbers. Now they provide whole new types of datas such as geography, images, or text bubbles. I think this will help you make a "data-driven" infographic chart.
  4. Dynamic arrays - so far in Excel it was very difficult to conjoint more than two sets of data groups (so... let's say it was only 2D-arrays). Now you can combine multiple arrays to make a combined 3D, 4D function.

I like no.1 feature the most :)




Hunter: @avocadoxy


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:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is undervalued and it's right to get help to crawl up to the better ranking (at least to TOP 100). Why ?, because i think it's "COOL".:point_left:

WOOOPSSS it's something really interesting. I am an excel lover (dekstop) but i nevger try the mobile, and this is the new whole level for Ms Excel.

AI Powered?, it's really interesting. let me try it!

oh wow thanks so much :)

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  • It's a great innovation because AI can help people tremendously in using excel.

  • It gives convenience to users too because some of the tasks will be done by AI and doesn't have to be done manually.


  • Nothing for this.

Ok, this is epic. To be honest i have never think about that possibilitly. No more manual typing (finaly) , just take a quick picture and AI will do the work for ya. Interesting hunt :D

AI is changing our lives with many beneficial things. This will many businesses who have to store their old data in the digital format.

Sometimes I entered the table in the book myself, but it would be too easy! I think it is a very good feature too!


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MS Excel will rock !!!

Excel is the no. 1 solution for data capturing, analysis etc. Such AI feature will boost the productivity of the user.

Excel will going to rock !!!!!