Ca-mera - Cellular Automaton, Super Sleek Retro Camera App

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Cellular Automaton, Super Sleek Retro Camera App



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Hunter's comment

This app turns all shots you're watching to be 80s super sleek retro camera. It's not just a black-and-white photography app. This app uses "pixel-heavy" monochrome visual effects. The best thing I like is that this app is "ready-to-take" camera app, which means it turns the app screen automatically the retro view. You don't need to take photo, and retouch later like most of other camera apps.

The developer says this app uses a "cellular automation," a discrete mathematical model technology - I have absolutely no idea what it is of course 🤣🤣. But anyway that cool tech can bring me to the 80s expensive monochrome camera period :)



Hunter: @avocadoxy

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I have approved it :)

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WOW, I love black and white photographs, it really is a very interesting application, you can transform the camera of your cell phone into a monochromatic camera, it will no longer be necessary to use the applications after taking the photo. Great Hunting

It reminds me of the past, photographs that bring back good memories. A very nice application that everyone can use, the only drawback I see is that it is not available for android.

This product is interesting, with its effect bringing to the photos with black and white making them look good

Reminds me of the movie "Sin City".


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What a pity. Its not available in the apple app store. I am stupid. Where can i get that now?