Bansey Indestructible Shoes - A shoes free from cutting, firing, wetting... every attacks

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Bansey Indestructible Shoes

A shoes free from cutting, firing, wetting... every attacks


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Hunter's comment

This shoes is called as The Original Indestructible Military Battlefield Shoes, and yes, it really protects your feet from any harsh situations such as sharp things, fire, water, or any types of attack.

Amazing thing is... it just looks like a normal shoes, so you won't look like a dorky person to wear this shoes 😂



Hunter: @avocadoxy

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This is a mother of all shoes! Perfect for those who like to do outdoor activities. Which reminds me, this is sooo perfect for our mount climbing next year. And yes, I love the design too!

Oh, these are very strong shoes. These shoes would be nice for those who work where heavy things could fall off. Once bought, I could probably use these shoes for more than 10 years.

They must have borrowed the material form superman :)

Yeah it's amazing to see what appears to be a regular sporting shoe being able to withstand all that abuse from cutting, punctures to fire.


Great Hunt!

The shoes are so important in any usage of our life. I love the durability and the toughness of the shoes. Very useful and multi purpose shoes is really amazing. Hope to try one soon.


It provides a good protection from any mishap. It will become famous in a very short time because it provides safety in daily life and during war also for military men. Good hunt.

Nice shoes.. Base on the description from their website, I can say that it is more than a safety shoes.. the fact that it can give protection from outside hazard, it also has a good design...

The shoes look cool and protective. Would be useful for people who work in places where hazards may occur.
I just hope the shoes won't be much of a weight to wear about.

I have a friend who works in construction. I want to show him this shoe. He has experienced such accidents several times. With this shoe it becomes more comfortable and safe. Thanks for sharing.

Holy COWWWW!!! This is awesome, imagine kicking people in a bar fight using this shoe, one kick he is gone down!!! lol. Great Hunt , great product >>>Thanks for Sharing !!!!

Now thats what we call a durable shoe:) It does not look dorky at all to be honest. Congrats on a great hunt @avocadoxy

Wow~! What a amazing shoes! I think it is a perfect shoes for outdoor activities. Great hunt!

These are no doubt incredible shoes. These shoes are great for many things one of them and the most important is to protection of foot. These are waterproof and anti-slip too in addition The shoes itself looks awesome. Super Hunt

Nice hunt. Hope they are as comfortable as they are sturdy. What are they made of? They seem to deal with whatever you throw at them.

I have seen before this shoes. The shoes are so good. Before they produced for the army people. You get one and when you wear the shoes. It couldn't be bad in your foot. they produced for normal life also. Awesome product.

Awesome! Finally another progress is recorded in the shoes industry. Shoes that protect one from sharp objects, fire and from crushing is a commendable one.

The shoes are important for us. We are using daily for that we need to good quality shoes. Many peoples are chancging the sohoes every month because the shoes is tearing or waterproof. Bansey indesructible shoes is best for us. Nice hunt.

Amazing product and looks like a must have. Would be interesting to see what the price is like. Good hunt!

Hahaha, when I saw the presentation, if I look like a dorky person when I wear them but I got my answer at the end of your text. Perfect hunt.

Wow this shoes is out standing for every thing and i like it and great hunt and thank you

The original indestructible military battlefield shoe that is free from destruction. This kept me wondering the kind of material used for the shoe that makes it indestructible . Although I am not a military personnel but I'll love to get one. The shoe is to good to be true never seen such before. Nice product ...nice Hunt

Basney shoes were produced for fireproof, ripstop, waterproof and more. Shoes that you can use in everyday life and comfortable to use. These shoes are good for your health. Thanks for sharing.

Useful product, protective shoes can grab good market share. Need to confirm internal ventilation.

These shoes can definitely take a lot! Hopefully your formula will be used to create many more designs because they are a bit ugly in themselves. Great hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

normally my shoes get torn i.e. a cut when involved in tracking or fitness activities. By looking at Bansey Indestructible Shoes feature, I wanna give it a try. Nice hunt.

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Nice Hunt! Stunning design and indestructible shoes sound interesting. Best for traveling and battlefield to protect your foot from the objects. Good Luck with your hunt

I need strong workboots, and this seems to me really, really cool!


  • everyproof
  • normal desing, not so extravagant


  • i prefer the long boots


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