Assemblr - Make 3D, Show in AR in Seconds

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Make 3D, Show in AR in Seconds


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I thought making AR (Augmented Reality) stuffs is only for the professional visual artists or programmers. However, this iPhone/iPad app makes ANYONE create super cool AR content in few fingertips.

I'm not exaggerating at all. This app gives so many pre-made shapes/animations/mark-ups. Also all the interfaces to edit are super easy so anyone who doesn't have any programming/design backgrounds are able to make super cool AR content.

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Hunter: @avocadoxy

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Great hunt @avocadoxy

It is very easy to create 3D models with this application. You can also upload your own 3D models, and easily see them in AR.

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well thats cool
the last time i tried 3d was with blender and it was an epic fail, will check this out

Hey, @avocadoxy you found very cool and unique app which will give us the ability to create 3D things easy to use but only for iPhone users overall great hunt

WOw! Creating AR made simpler by this application! Really great that applications are developing together with the advancement of technology.

CONGRATULATIONS @avocadoxy and I look forward to your upcoming hunts.

Best Hunt Hunter !


1- I'm not misrepresenting by any means. This application gives such a large number of pre-made shapes/activitys/check ups. Likewise every one of the interfaces to alter are super simple so any individual who doesn't have any programming/outline foundations can make super cool AR content.
2- I thought making AR (Augmented Reality) stuffs is just for the expert visual specialists or developers. In any case, this iPhone/iPad application influences ANYONE to make super cool AR content in couple of fingertips.


1- None

The pictures explained what a nice way. Having a mobile app for only iPhones and iPads is a disadvantage. It is very nice if it can be done for Android Platform.

:thumbsup: Boosted by @calprut :innocent:

:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "Undervalued". So i decided to give support:point_left:

It's cool! @avocadoxy
make 3D and show it in AR?, WOW, this platform is amazing :thumbsup:

Keep give steemhunt something best like this :thumbsup: :beers:


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