AceS - Car space providing full comforts by reading status/emotions

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Car space providing full comforts by reading status/emotions



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Toyota Boshoku is presenting level of car comfort system in CES 2019.

1. Enfolding air conditioning


2. Changing lights/fragrances by reading you and environment


3. Auto positioning for your posture


4. Auto entertainment system





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This is at par with the modular automotive hunt i saw earlier. Man, i think auto tech is the best things to come out of ces. This is such a common problem. Different people wanting different temperatures, finding how to move the seat etc. This is unbelievable level of design tech geared towards user experience

wow i just bought a new car 1 year ago but now i am already shy because if i see stuff like this it looks already old😂
This is what i hate that the car and the car tech industry is too much fast and of course expensive.

I am a lover of cars, especially air conditioning vehicles because it helps you relax.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all


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