Webpage2PDF - This web tool helps you convert any webpage to PDF instantly

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This web tool helps you convert any webpage to PDF instantly



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Hunter's comment

Sometimes as researcher, you might have been looking for a scarce information, only to find them on a website. It could be boring to read loads of web contents, besides, it is difficult to highlight and add notes to web contents.

With this online tool, you can convert any webpage to PDF in less than 120 seconds.

You can always;

  • keep your file in drive
  • read it at any time you like
  • share with anyone at any time
  • highlight and take note when you read
  • print it without any problem

It is quite difficult to find some information in document format such as PDF, EOS whitepaper is an example. You can only get it as webpage on github, but with this tool, you can convert it to PDF. It makes it much easier to read.




Hunter: @autofreak


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This is handy!

Great hunt @autofreak! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Joined, thank you!


Great hunt, brother. Recently, I added a chrome plugin to my browser: Memes. It was a cool tool I hunted and posted here. You can check it out. As it helps with research and anything you quickly wish to highlight on a webpage


Really, I will check it out.

Useful tool to get in PDF any website. I think this tool will be used by more people thanks to your hunt. Many times we start to search a tool like this but this is an online tool and really easy to use. Thanks for sharing


You are welcome @jekfer.

This is really a useful tool in saving important files from the internet, especially correct information that can be use for researches and future studies. Great find!


Thank you!

Wow Amazing!
Glad to see #webpage2pdf is given you feature to convert your webpage to pdf and it also giving you the ability to save your converted file to the drive to use in the future. it also providing the feature to share converted file, i'm pretty impressed.


I am glad that you are impressed!

very useful especially at work, when we are studying sometimes it is necessary to deliver the text in this format, simplifies everything, it is very useful and the simplicity of it makes it perfect, very good hunting friend, very useful


Thank you!

This is a really helpful application. Dealing with webpages can be tough; converting to a pdf would be very helpful.


Yes, it is helpful to researchers.

@autofreak, this is so cool. I just turned my website into a pdf format. So fast and so efficient. Thanks for such a great hunt.

Thanks for this. I'm always saving webpages into a pdf so I can read it later, but the built-in browser plugins available to me can sometimes be a little too clunky for my taste. The only alternative is Evernote, but the output can sometimes be problematic since the elements can end up in the wrong places. Hopefully, this can provide a better solution.


I will sure work for you.


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Thank you!

Acctually i didn't need to convert a webpage to PDF before but your example as EOS whitepaper gave me idea to use it. I will definetally try this one and maybe i can find more pages to convert to PDF. Thanks for letting this tool know to us.


You are welcome, I am glad that this tool will help.