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Run a profittable media business



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Symmetriq is an advertising revenue management platform to scale ad sales, streamline ad operations, manage quote to cash, unify inventory & billing and maximize revenue across channels. You run a profittable media business with Symmetriq. Migrate from Google DoubleClick Sales Manager to Symmetriq with zero business disruption, It takes care of everything and you continue running your business. The media landscape is changing at a faster pace than ever,


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Media business is a great one at that giving you money adequately. I sincerely agree that the media landscape is truly changing. Nice share here.

Thanks for the kind words. If you are interested to know more about us, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

I take it that this ad management platform is still using Google Doubleclick ads though? It's just the management and analytics of the ad campaigns that is different?

This is an ad management platform however it is not only limited to using Google Doubleclick adserver. Symmetriq ( also integrates with numerous other ad servers as well. Symmetriq Advertising Revenue Management platform enables media companies to run a profitable advertising business providing a single operating system to manage and execute their entire business.

Symmetriq's ( Revenue Management Platform enables media companies to efficiently and effectively manage their ad inventory, streamline and scale the advertising sales process and seamless enable the billing team to manage the invoices and payments, while providing complete visibility in to the health of the entire media business.


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