Telematik - At Telematik, our mission is to empower the "car experience"

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At Telematik, our mission is to empower the "car experience"



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Telematik is a tunisian startup with participation from Tunisie Telecom, N°1 telco operator in Tunisia. We launched a fleet management and telematics app called "Fleetium" to help businesses get the most of their fleet.

Great platform to experience car driving in a new way.

Updated navigation features

Smooth user interface

Enabled with GPS Tracking



Hunter: @ashasikder

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This is something every country should invest into. Every citizen’s car driving would be pleasant enough. I really someone here in my country would try to initiate this type of service.

CONGRAtulations @ashasikder and I look forward to your upcoming hunts.

We spend most of our time traveling by car, well, at least in my country and I would understand why it is important to make car experience as great as we possibly can. Good Hunt


  • Gps tracking.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Secure.
  • New way to experience driving.


  • i don't have any.

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Smooth user interface.
Fun and learn together.
GPS tracking.
Easy to use.



I think a platform like this would be of great help to the agencies running cars and other transport vehicles on a large scale.
Thanks for hunting this.

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