HealthView - Simplified dashboard for Apple Health data

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Simplified dashboard for Apple Health data



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HealthView is an iOS & Apple Watch app that helps you understand Apple Health data better. HealthView provides a clean, intuitive and easy to use user interface. Each data set has ability to show you more details like: detailed history graph, averages, min/max values, best days and goal progress - yes set you health & fitness goals too! Additionally, all data is transferred to the Apple Watch

Great Health app

Accurate results

Great feautures

In built Sensors in application

Compatible with many devices



Hunter: @ashasikder

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This is a great hunt. I am really excited about personalized medicine. It is going to change the face of the global healthcare system.

Technology always adapts to the needs of people, in this case this app is adapted to offer a healthy service, I like all these innovations that have as their primary objective the theme of health.

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