ApowerREC - Ultimate Screen Recorder for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

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Ultimate Screen Recorder for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS



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This is amazing tool which helps you to record videos from your computer,this screen recorder comes with lot of features

Supports every platform

Easy options

Great audio and video quality

Supports all the Formats

Used for business, teaching, training, studying, gaming.




Hunter: @ashasikder


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WOw this thing is really amazing!!!!
This thing is great you can make best recoded videos,
I love it its awesome.
Great hunt!

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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This software can become an alternative of OBS.
It looks like ApowerREC doesn't have GPU acceleration capability, no info about it on the official site, so I guess the output video will have a bit noise with high bitrate setting.

Great Hunt! There is a lot of software for a screen recording but most of the recordings are of high quality and occupy storage in GB. This one seems to be good from others with a lot of cool features. Thanks for sharing a great hunt Good luck with your hunt

When it comes to presentation an explanations a screen recorder can be very useful. Have been using one already but having this will be great too

This app is very useful and easy to use! Great hunt.

  • Capture your activity on the full screen or within a specifically set
  • It has a great ability to keep videos synchronized with audio
  • You can record a video chat or make a tutorial video with this screen recording software
  • You can make real time editing


  • None

Great alternatives for live streaming videos, or doing troubleshooting tutorials using your computer. It is HD video quality also then I need to try this recorder. Congratulations on your approved hunt! Keep the cool hunt coming!

I really like this hunt because it could be used for teaching. I like it in particular because I happen to be a teacher.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us

Very good application, it reminds me a bit of the old fraps, only that this is much better, since it supports several platforms and has the great power to record HD content. Thanks for sharing, I'll try to try it!

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Video recording
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