Sony α6000 - Hybrid Camera

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Sony α6000

Hybrid Camera



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Hunter's comment

This cam very high resolution cam . its 24 mega pixcel cam . its very high quality cam. you capture your great moment with this cam .Affordable price of this cam $669 only .great power zoom lenses.@6000 auto focus is faster than a DSLR so you never miss a shot.and with new colours to choose from,your photos aren't the only way to express yourself


  • Wifi capability
  • Full HD recording 1080/60p
  • 3_inch tilting LCD 921,600.dots
  • Built in flash multi _interface shoe
  • Bionz X image processor



Hunter: @asadchughtai

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Hi @asadchugtai,

Thanks for your hunt but that camera has been hunted previously already.

Because Steemhunt doesn’t allow duplication it is important to always check whether a product has been hunted already before submitting it.


yeah, Thank you for the information, but The person who has posted it, give the link from the Amazon and as far as i know #steemhunt don't accept links from the Amazon.I'm i right? @fknmayhem


That doesn’t make it less of a duplicate listing.

The posting guidelines have gradually evolved over time and whether they have changed or not doesn’t change the fact that your hunt is a duplicate of an already hunted product.

A duplicate is a duplicate, the rule doesn’t state ‘duplication is allowed if previous hunt which was accepted by the platform is not compliant with current posting guidelines’. Your hunt stays de-listed.

Sony α6000 is an amazing camera which gives you crispy image of 24 No and record full 92nd video of 60 frames per second. Amazing device. Thanks for great hunt


Most welcome,