OMNI HOVERBOARDS - The first real hoverboard

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The first real hoverboard



Hunter's comment

The Omni Hoverboard is very impressive and modern. Omni hoverboard flies above the ground, it can fly up to five meters above ground water. It's like a big drone that an individual flies with onboard It requires large amounts of energy. This is a great product in the coming future.

For more Details check this video



Hunter: @arvindkumar

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thanks a lot

Pro because:
*for first time people can fly and have fun
*can feel how fly a drone, five m. above ground


thanks for nice review

It is perfect for taking power and taking off the ground and perfect for those who like to do this kind of fun sports. I am very interested in water sports and it is perfect to use this product. AMAZING HUNT :)

Amazing hunt @arvindkumar This is really an innovation that will rock the world. Soon there will be cars features similar to this. It will be like what we seen on Star Wars.

It is very cool board that can fly above the ground and in the sky. It is very cool product that can become more and more popular in the future.

Only watching the video was exciting enough and I am not sure that I can dare to be on it. For extreme lovers it must be really enjoyable. We can see more products like this in the future as a transport vehicle.

wow, have a nice hunt this is well-known hoverboard, I love this-this is soo cool. thanks for sharing.

wow, this hoverboard really cool and fun to ride. i do really hope i can get one but i believe the price just too high. thank you for the hunt


thanks for valuable comments

Its a great product and I would definitely try it once. Its little bit scary especially when I look at gif here above I see that he falls. Balancing is awesome. Great hunt.

This is no doubt incredible piece of tech with powerful motor and it's carbon fiber frame is one of the key pieces of the design. The main limitation i observe in this hoverboard is the battery life, i hope that further improvements in this technology make it viable.


yes you are right nice comments

Nice product. Here are my pros and cons about it.

  • can fly up to 5 meters,
  • you can go above water or land,
  • looks amazing,


  • i see none

Great hunt @arvindkumar!

This is really great Hunt!!
A powerful personal hoverboard, it looks like drone and i think it can blow up your adrenaline!!

Omni Hoverboard looks like an evolution for transportation. It impressed me too much. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

I just can say "wow, wow, wow" to Omni Hoverboards, even I am not brave enought to get on it. Video is amazing.

It is very modern in design and it is a hoverbord that can easily carry a human. As far as I can see on the video, there is almost no balance problem. It looks like one of the future transport vechile and entertainment tools. Great hunt.


thanks for very nice comments

Flying with such product must be really exciting. Is it flying only above water or can it be used on ground too? Maybe its for safety that they fly on a water. I like this product very much. Thanks.

Since the beginning of their existence, hoverboards have been a lot of fun and adrenaline. This particular one looks more like a big drone and the fact that can lift a person up to five meters with a very good balance will make it a wanted item for many....

This is incredible! Would love to try it out


it is hard to balance this OMNI HOVERBOARDS...

Although the size of the hoverboard may still look big and dangerous, I think the more advanced the technology, the smaller, safer and longer it will be. As you know, the technology of mankind has evolved that way. Thank you for introducing me to a good product.

It's a wonderful product. Every person wants to have this hoverboards for my thought because i want to have one of these.

It says it requires a lot of energy so it seems pretty inefficient but it will have to do for now :)

I'd try it out.

Hoverboards will have more usage than today in the future. We need to be used with it so if you dare you need to try it. I must be a great experience to use it.

wow, what a cool hunt, Hoverboard i love it. thanks for sharing. It has many killer features.

Perfect hunt !You can fly with this product.I think if i had this i can feel like a superhero.Keep good hunting!

NYC HUNT @arvindkumar. I really like this awesome technology. Thank you for sharing this cool HUNT.

I used to watch this in cartoon and science fictional movies ,got'ta say I am shocked to see this in real.Hoverboard which let's us fly is amazing concept,I am gonna give it a try sometime.Good you have shared this info with us.

Keep up the great work, and never sell out to the military industrial complex. Keep this on track to be a consumer product.


thanks a lot nice review

What an amazing hunt! This is really a great hunt which will improve humanity's adventure and will be used for specific purposes. I hope it does not cost a lot.


thanks friend valuable comments

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Very cool product, can make a new experience and hone adrenaline, can fly with a distance of five meters above is very amazing.
Cool Hunt :)


thanks for feedback nice comment

It's a cool stuff to try and have fun. Its design looks pretty good and functions smoothly.
One can have great fun by usin this Omni hoverboard. Its a great technological innovation. Great hunt!


Nice review thank you very much

A perfect product. I would love to fly in the air with the Omni Hoverboard.


thank you so much

I like most when he falls into the water. LOLLOL


thanks a lot friend

This must be done by people who are experts, I want to try it, but I don't know how to control it.

The future is coming.... These look absolutely awesome.

Great Hunt.


thank you very much

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thanks you so much


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This is what I want for Christmas mama!