Aqua Air 247 - Pure & Fresh Water from The Air

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Aqua Air 247

Pure & Fresh Water from The Air


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Hi steemhunt friends, this is a unique atmospheric water dispenser. This atmospheric water machine creates fresh pure water from thin air, which uses green technology to produce pure, fresh potable water with atmospheric water from both humid and dry climates. It provides environmentally friendly solutions. The atmospheric water generator machine is designed to bring water bottle and a lot of revolution in the industry.
I think this atmospheric water machine would be very useful for many places, such as for office, school, lobby, pool area and fitness facilities.



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Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This is really a unique invention and I think it is very helpful for Wild Traveler as Poisonous water can destroy their life. The concept making water from Thin Air truly amazing and I am curious to know how works.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

This is revolutionary! Creating clean water out of thin air is simply fantastic. There are many places in this world that needs clean water, some places doesn't have water at all. This machine will surely helps in terms of providing water to these areas and its communities. This is one of the best hunt that I ever saw.

This is amazing! With economies suffering from water shortage, it will definitely help them overcome the issue with this innovative approach. Also, I know that the air conditioners extract water from air and cool it and throw away the water. I feel this works in a similar fashion.
Thanks for sharing this.

This is not unique and has been around for around 15 years now. Libbrex was the first company to do this on a domestic scale along with their giant container plants. I am happy to see it and hope it goes to mass adoption at some point. This will help reduce water bills and having pure fresh water at hand all the time is what is important. A great hunt.

If there was a smaller version available I'd consider this for my parents to help them cut down on buying water in single use plastic bottles 👍

Although getting pure water from the air is not a unique idea. There are many equipments available for conversion but we still love to have more as bollion in the world are deprived of drinking clean water. I wish these types of unit should be cost effective so the maximum people may use it to meet their drinking needs

this solution could help improve the lives of many people, water is so vitall and there are so many people who do not have access to it, this type of devices would help a lot with the problem.

Water is vital for life and it is always good to innovate in this area.


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