TheFork - the best restaurants at the best price

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the best restaurants at the best price



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It is platform for booking restaurants and get special offers by using their Apps. TheFork is offers more than 30,000 restaurant in 10 countries. (France,Italy,Sweden,Denmark and 6 others)
Install their iOS/Android App and get 10Euro discount on your Next Meal with a Code APP19.


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Nice cool hunt post.The ForkThis is a very good app for food.This is a very good platform.This platfarm for booking and special discount offer using there app.Cool hunt posting.

Sadly my country isn't on the list but not a bad one though. Searching for the best without reviews might be difficult but with TheFork things would be a little bit swift

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I am a food lovers and i usually in search of good hotels to go and eat foot and this one is looking good, Will surely use it to know about hotels.

With the fork one can book down it's preferred restaurant before time there by reducing the chance of not getting once choice of restaurant as reservations are being made


I like the name and it makes perfect sense. One that you won't forget anyway as it is very catchy. Having promotions attached to a food app is a good idea as long as the restaurants are genuinely good. I know certain sites in other fields such as hotels where there are many fake reviews and it is very misleading.


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