TT Premium Blue Keyboard - Sound Controlled Mechanical Keyboard

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TT Premium Blue Keyboard

Sound Controlled Mechanical Keyboard







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A brand new player keyboard. They now offer more than a keyboard.

With a mechanical keypad, this keyboard creates a more streamlined and fluid gaming experience.

Each key of this keyboard has a life of about 50 million presses

As the name implies, the keyboard with RGB illumination has 16.8 million different colors and 12 dynamic lighting effects.

Another notable feature is the volume control.

The colors, effects, speed and brightness can be controlled from the phone. At the same time, the colors change according to the speed of the game.

All features are available thanks to audio and USB support.

The company patented this feature.

The X1 RGB keyboard with a gray Cherry MX key is $ 140. The version with the blue button has a price tag of $ 130.



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Thanks for this Hunt~! Keyboard with RGB control App. Hah!

Keep up the hunting.

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Thanks :)

Yes a nice keyboard. It is a little expensive though. If the price is more affordable I think.

Pros :

  • 50 million presses per key (more than you should ever need)
  • can control the lighting from your phone
  • provides a very fluid gaming experience


  • price point is more than a second hand keyboard from a thrift shop

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