Telemeter - Measure distance and height using your photo's camera

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Measure distance and height using your photo's camera



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Are you into straight line drawings like an architect or you are just a regular person who needs to know the measurement of a few things??

Telemeter is an app that makes use of your phone's camera and sensor technology to measure the distance between an object and your phone.

With Telemeter, you don't need to use a physical measuring tape to measure distance all you need to do is pull up your phone and with a few clicks you have all the measurements your need in your phone.

Hunters comment


  • Easy to use app
  • Not to costly for it's function


  • Only for iOS device

This app can be described as "a quick distance and height measurement tool" one of the best I have seen so far (compared to ARuler).

Useful Information

DeveloperVisTech.Projects LLC
Download Size33.7 MB
Application CategoryProductivity
CompatibilityRequires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
App RatingRated 4+
Copyright© VisTech.Projects LLC
Official Developer Website
Blog and updates

See YouTube Demo below



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I like the feature, measuring height and distance, but my most favorite is "Tape measuring mode".

Good Hunt.

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