Smart Switch - Light up your home from anywhere anytime

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Smart Switch

Light up your home from anywhere anytime



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Hunter's comment

Meet the best smart switch on the planet for now.
Eufy Smart Switch is so great you can turn on the light with your hands full all you need do is speak to the switch. With its's multi-purpose lighting system you can use the timer or scheduler to spice up the lighting effect in your house.

With its 2.4GHz Wi-Fi system you can control the light in your living room from your office sit. The system also support electricity of 100 - 120V AC, 15A and is cased with flame-retardant UL V0-rated casing that makes it the best choice for your home.



Hunter: @arcjen02

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This product is great @ arcjen02, this reinvent the concept of the switches. Since with this you can turn off and turn on the light with just talk to him, and the best thing is that it supports several types of voltage. And you can also link it with your mobile device through WiFi and control it there.

Excellent hunting!

you can control lighting at home by installing this application on your phone. In this way, people who are forced to stand up and turn the light on or off can be much more comfortable. Well, congratulations.

This technology and innovation in smart switches, have permeated a lot in society, to say it in a way is a fashion, but it is for its great utility, connect them to our mobile device, wifi, it leaves us a margin of comfort above all to control the light When we are busy, or we do not want to get up, the timer is set and ready.

Great hunt man this is just nice

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