Firefly - Attachable full power handcycle

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Attachable full power handcycle



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Hunter's comment

Let me introduce you to firefly a machine that takes us to the junction where technology meets disability.

This simple full power handcycle Is attachable to wheelchair and easy to maneuver helping the disabled get enabled.

With this machine a lame man can make urban travel with ease.


SPEED: Top speed is 12 mph / 19 kph Speed limiter included

Battery: Lithium ion 36V, 6.6AH, 238 Wh
Battery Range: 15 miles/24 km
Charger: 36V, 2A, input voltage 100~240V Charging Time ~4 hours if battery is fully discharged
Motor: 350W, 36V geared brushless hub motor

BRAKES: 140mm disc brake and Promax V-brake

Attachment Frame Weight: 5.2 lbs / 2.6 kg
Drive Unit Weight: 14.4 lbs / 6.5 kg
Battery Weight: 4.4 lbs / 2.0 kg
Total Weight with Battery: 24 lbs / 10.9 kg
Maximum Weight: 280 lbs / 127 kg combined user and wheelchair



Hunter: @arcjen02

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This is just great product, it should be free in an ideal world.

Great hunt!

Very correct! I hope people get to get the good in helping others

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