Samsung Blue Earth - First solar powered phone

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Samsung Blue Earth

First solar powered phone



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Hunter's comment

Do you suffer plenty of battery lost and your line is always on reachable because your phone always run out of power??

How would you like renewable energy to help change your communication style??

Samsung's Blue Earth is the first solar powered phone. It has a solar cell on the back and is made from recycled cardboard. The phone has a small screen and but the controls are large and easy to work with. A solar powered phone just seems like a good idea.



Hunter: @arcjen02

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hello @bitrocker2020 I have effected the correction sir
Please review.

The best thing is that it eliminates the need for a separate charger, which could be proved very useful feature in several unwanted situations.

What about the durability and efficiency of the solar cell and charging time, @arcjen02?

Hi, @arcjen02, Nice Hunt
Below is my opinion about your product.


  • Beautiful design, solar charging, good battery life, solid call audio.
  • Phone body and box are made from recycled materials.
  • Long lasting battery when outdoor exposing the Sun.
  • It has Ecofriendly functions.
  • Green fans will appreciate the solar panels that charge the phone.


  • It's small display feels rather crowded.
  • No screen QWERTY keyboard.



Wow solar charger could solve a great problem of need for elctric charging and charger.
But one thing I did not like about this phone is its


This is really cool. I guess we will soon start living without having to carry our phone chargers around.

This is awesome! It totally understand what i'm looking for, it really makes me thing they know what I want.

  • This is perfect Samsung! I am an Android user and makes me thing I can still be a Samsung user into the future.

  • This product is eco-friendly wich is the best for the world.

  • It's really compact so I can get into my daily tasks.

Cons of this product:

  • I can't find any con for this.

wow, it would be cool if it was the first FLAT EARTH phone! haha, this little phone would be great for humanity! great job, super cool tech! go sun!!

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