SmarTable - Touch-controlled multiplayer training system for rehab

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Touch-controlled multiplayer training system for rehab



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SmarTable is a touch-controlled multiplayer training system for rehabilitation based on computer software. The solution is suitable for users with cognitive impairment, such as Cerebral Vascular Accident /Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Mild dementia, Attention disorder.

SmarTable is basically a rehabilitation system that will allow people with certain physical and mental problems to find a way to recover their physical and mental potential progressively and with great care.


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Hi @anomalogy, it looks like your weblink isn't quite correct, you're not linking the product exactly. Could you please fix this using the edit function. Thanks!

Done Already fix it

@urbangladiator Done sir

Done Already fix the link @urbangladiator

This table is great useful and multi purpose product for many people including patients. Loved the innovative idea. Awesome find

Faster recovery is great for everyone involved. The patient will feel great to function as usual. The caretakers will now be able mind their own business and the all the citizens can contribute to the society in productive ways.

Another great benefit is the mental health benefits. Innovations like this can make recovering patients feel like they have better hope.

AMAZING! I wonder how this helps to recover the physical issue. I know it can be helpful for recovering mental rehab. Such patients should try this out.

Nice Hunting!

A pretty good system help you to do rehabilitation excercise in well manners. A much helping for the patients need good rehablitation.

This is amazing touchbtable offers some intresting features. rehabilitation system is cool for pusical excercise.

Very nice training system. Patient care is really important in rehab if they get this technology then this will be super great.

Awesome ONe!
It will make learning fun and even more interactive. Kids definitely gonna love this Table and it also teaches kids to work in team.
Thank You and Have a Good DAY!

I never heard about smart table before and I like this cool product. A smart table with multi-touch controlled gesture is indeed a good idea. Undoubtedly a great product for rehab patients.

Impresssive hunt

That's pretty good rehabilitation system. Improving patient health it would be best to use for the physical health of a patient. hmm no doubt that will be much helping them.

Apps relating to health generally interest me. A training system created to restore to normal physical and mental health of people with certain levels of physical and mental problems.

Nice app!

This is pretty cool. I remember when I used to work at Radio Shack there was a guy that would come in and play with the kids learning toys. It turns out he had suffered a stroke and he was using the toy to learn how to speak again. It was really interesting. I think that we don't do enough to recognize the benefits of learning games and things like that. We many times think they are just for children and we fail to see the way they can change the lives of adults as well. This is really awesome. Nice hunt!

Great hunt @anomalogy! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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I am suffering multiple sclerosis 9 years now and I try everything I found to stay active and stop my Edss score . I am pleased when I see products like this in here . Thanks a lot for your great hunt


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By gamifying the UX, SmarTable makes rehab fun for patients, while helping their care-givers monitor their progress.
Excellent Hunt. @anomalogy