CocoOne - Relaxation pod designed to have it all

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Relaxation pod designed to have it all



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CocoOne is a pod that offers us an incredible comfort so that we can relax alone or in the company of another person since in its interior has a noise blocking system and temperature control that will keep the inside of the pod at the perfect temperature for us to relax and forget everything.

In addition to its incredible design and the fact of being built to be extremely resistant this pod can be completely controlled through the use of a very simple to use app that will help us configure the perfect environment, as we can control the sound/music, lights, and temperature of this great pod.

This hybrid between pod and lounge also has inside multiple charging ports, wifi and an adaptability system that makes the mattress move and adapt to our body. It should be noted that also through the app we can choose the color of external lights.



Hunter: @anomalogy

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Have a private place, forget about the outside completely and relax or just use it for a camping.. I love the design, Great hunt..

Great hunt! It's a really cool item. It really looks comfortable. I think I feel like sleeping in a hotel even when I go camping.I like it. Thank you for sharing.

Wow this is incredible use of technology and to me this sleeping pod is a comfortable bed, with a door to block out outside light and minimize distractions. It has lots of cool feature therefore it will surely make a unique sleeping experience. Great Hunt.

This looks cool but I wonder where it will be best suited. If indoor, I suppose you just decorate your room with this pod's feature instead of having this small pod in your own house. If outdoor, what would you need a pod for if you are camping outside? Just curious... :)

Seems like very useful thing for everyone who needs relaxation. I wish I would have one for my personal usage. That is great hunt, thank you for sharing! Steem on!

This is really cool technology for our relax. Cocoone is an amazing pod that provides us full privacy in very peaceful environment. It has all the things that we need for comfort. Super cool hunt!

Great capsule. There's a device in it that controls temperature. And it also makes music control. Very great product. It has a lot of features. Cool product.

Really cool product i am big fan of such sleeping capsules because they provide distraction free peaceful atmosphere which is important to live a healthy life and in addition such pods surely help users to release the stress and gain back lost freshness. Great Hunt

The Cocoone just screams relaxation and it would not not take much to yeild to its invitation.It comes with a variety of features that makes lounging in it more entertaining.Great hunt @anomalogy

I like the very modern form. can keep us from mosquito disorders. the place is very comfortable inside too spacious. good hunting

Design is developing every day. And very beautiful products began to emerge. CocoOne is one of them. Very nice design. I will buy one day. Nice hunt.

Would like to spend a good time with your partner in your garden. This product is very nice if you like it. It doesn't let the outside sound in and out. Perfect product.

Waoo great hunt it's looking so awesome with beautiful design and want to sleep in this pod for relaxation . the feature is fantasttic that is music control, temperature control etc.

This is something that all people would love to have and try. So comfy and what you need are all there. Perfect for relaxation and bonding for the couple or if want to be alone, this is the perfect place. Greag hunt :)

this gadgets is ideal to spend a weekend with our beloved, has a short noise and a temperature system so that it is always the ideal

I want one! Lol! I love the beautiful shell design. For me, it gives the pod a very relaxing vibe cause it reminds of the sea. The lighting is cool too.

Looks comfortable, with support can control the music, lights, and temperature, luxury. Great!

I saw a few pods before but I liked CocoOne most. It would be great to stay in it with your loved one. Perfect hunt.

I can't show the CocoOne to my wife! :) She wants to have it for our garden immediately. It definitely looks very cosy and because of the deep heat radiator is also something for the autumn weather. In any case it is much more comfortable than a roofed wicker beach chair. Very nice hunt, thank you very much.

Kudos Hunter!!!

Another health product for perfect relaxation.

CocoOne is a pod that offers us an incredible comfort so that we can relax alone or in the company of another person since in its interior has a noise blocking system and temperature control that will keep the inside of the pod at the perfect temperature.

Nice one hunter

You can spend a wonderful time with CocoOne. It has many features to keep you comfortable. You can also use your home, pool and holiday home.

It has a nice design ideal for an unforgettable vacation free of noise and discomfort. and thus be able to recover energies

CocoOn pod is truly amazing, looks comfortable with a luxurious design and brings to a relaxed atmosphere,
Great Hunting.

I think this pod is suitable for a couple.
They can do their "private thing" inside this pod ☺️
It has waterproof, flame resistant too, that's really amazing.

This is like the luxury tent :) It looks gorges, with nice lights and a bad. Also the cover has nice looking rimes.

Great hunt my friend!This product looks very cool for relax.I think it's very comfotable for two persons.Keep good hunting!

Wow, What a cool room like pod it has amazing design and features thanks for sharing.

with this product, relaxation is made easy, the noise blocking features made it different from others have been seeing, good one hunter

This looks cool and useful. I wanna buy this one for making my private space.

I would like to have one of these at this time to forget about the stress and daily noises of the city good hunting

I love it, I had to read all the publicity, to see if the transfer was easy, so another point in favor. Great hunting, thanks for sharing.

Standard construction includes two wheels and a coupling element to connect to a transportation device. It is possible to easily relocate CocoOne® to the individually desired situation or position it as desired without a great deal of effort and without the assistance of another person. The independent transportation device is included with the basic equipment.


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