SweetBot - Cryptocurrency Tipping bot built with steem-engine

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Cryptocurrency Tipping bot built with steem-engine


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SweetBot is a Tipping bot that enables tipping with steem-engined based tokens on discord. The tip bot can support pegged tokens on steem-engines to make tipping and conversion of cryptocurrencies seamless.




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Let's face it, Steem is just part of our lives. It is not something we could simply ignore and we need to understand that.
I must confess I like this bot.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

I saw another hunt like this but that one not especially for steem like this, However for sending a tip to someone @tipu bot is also handling this process through which you can send a tip to someone in the form of steem but this one will be also useful


cant wait to try it! sounds great.

Wow steem now has a tipping bot just like tipit an EOS bot on discord. Interesting

Thats really cool! Upvoted an followed.

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