Vasai - Screen recorder extension for developers

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Screen recorder extension for developers



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Vasai is a recorder and it is especially useful for web developers. While you are working on your project, you can share your progress quickly. Sign up is not required for Vasai. You will have unlimited time limit on your recordings. Shareable links are not expired. You just need a few clicks to share your idea.


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If it free then it is good. I use filmora for screen recording but that is not free. I will check this app.

Screen recording can be easy with it. And it is especially good for the web developers. They can make great tutorials.

Screen recorders are also good for instruction videos where you are, say, showing people how to use a bitcoin wallet for the first time. Nice find!

Sharing a progressive work while developing a website will help you to get feedback from people of like mind.

Developers will need to show off what they are p to with this app. Nice sharing it here.


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