SeekStorm - Instant search for your data and documents

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Instant search for your data and documents



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SeekStorm is a Search as a Service. Its search Application Programming Interface offers web-scale, real-time, full text, instant search for your data and documents. Add its turn-key search solution to your application with just two lines of code. Provide the documents or data you want to index via Rest search API, and search them instantly in real-time. You don't need to worry about scalability and performance, SeekStorm does all the heavy lifting for you.


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Good thing and good application, you can index any JSON document, define which fields to index, to store, to search in, and to return in results

This is providing real-time, web-scale, full text, instant search for our data & documents. You know this is the coolest thing and it's attracted me to this software.


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