Django - A web development framework created with the language Python

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A web development framework created with the language Python



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Django is web development framework created with the language Python. And Django will save your time and make the process development the web becomes fun. With Django, you can generate a website complex in no time. Django is a full-stack framework. That is, django includes a side of front-end and also back-end.

Django has the advantage of web framework others. According to my knowledge that I read from some web site :

  • Django have easier URL creation and flexible.

  • Django defines models data in Python and use the API to access the data.

  • Django template system is one of the most powerful.

  • Django has been designed to facilitate you in making web multilingual.





Hunter: @andimywapblog12

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I really like it. Nice hunt


  • A product that is novel.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has a nice design.


  • None

This hunt is great @ and andimywapblog12, this tool is invaluable to all web developers, because it allows them to optimize their time. Also I am very attracted to its compatibility with most APIs since it is one of the main problems of web developers.

It also encrypts all the information from point to point, which makes your code more than secure with Django.

Very good hunting

With Django you can easily learn the language of the program. It allows you to do your own web business. It is easy to use the program languages.

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good info and nice blog sir..thanks for share..


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