Nora Mask Cleaner - Kill virus and clean masks

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Nora Mask Cleaner

Kill virus and clean masks



Hunter's comment

Nora is the best mask cleaner that Kills viruses, clean your masks safely and keeps your masks healthily to use again. Nore makes your breath healthy and saves your money.


Nora Cleaner uses germicidal UV-C to clean masks.

It kills viruses and bacteria on masks, so you can re-use masks safely.source


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Well as all the cops say when they're questioning you, "In this day and age......" I think this thing should be flying off the shelves!

It will sell like hotcakes but sheeple are slow, Trump just started talking about it being a Pandemic; Sheeple need to hear over and over before it breaks their Reality Trance.

fluck the cops

Mask is very essential now a days especially outside. Reusing of mask is also necessary but cleansing and making it virus free is much needed. Now mask will be reused safely. Essestial hunting. Thanks

I would like to be the Distributor of these by Fall.

This device truly word needed today in Corona virus condition... Great hunt


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