Fave - High Efficiency Smart Home Trainer

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High Efficiency Smart Home Trainer



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Hunter's comment

FAVE is a high efficiency smart home trainer that enables you to build the body balance and core muscles. A motion sensor of Fave also allows you to enjoy various sensible contents by playing mobile games.


Exercise effect

Motion Detector


Video game training.

Light and simple managing.source




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this looks really interesting man


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During anybody training, the most difficult thing we face is body balance. When i was learning Yoga i remember how difficult it was. But i am glad now technology is getting wider and providing us easy ways. Sure it would be gonna very useful during training in order to maintain balance

Pretty good idea for trainers that it's providing at-home training. Now a user can easily do at home comfort and easily maintain fitness.

Great way to home train and stay fit. Especially suitable for people with busy lifestyle.
Awesome hunt.

Building strong muscles and body balance is important for healthy life. Fave is a great trainer. It small size make it perfect to carry away with you anywhere. Furnished with great features like app connectivity, motion detector etc. I would love to purchase fave

These smart home trainers are awesome but often times too expensive for an average income earner. Especially for those of us in developing countries. I really wish I have this in my home though. cool hunt

This is an outstanding hunt, now we can do exercise while playing game together, enjoying will keep you healthy and fresh and also fit. I like the design and size of this product.

Great hunt. Having a strong core is so important as it helps in other exercises. Body balance is also important. Strong core and legs can help in better walking, running and exercise. Very nice product for people looking to achieve that

Awesome ONe!
Wow! It is a great option for home training and it also train us while playing video games. It is light and easy to manage and our balance will improve.
Thank you and Have a GooD dAY!

What a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. You can find best trainer. Health is wealth. Excercise is very important for your body fitness. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

This is a nice and body balance is very important in fitness activities. This product makes fitness fun and will create interest to do so. impressive hunt

Seems a perfect smart trainer for everyone at their doorstep to make their body fit and stable with in-home and also the device is giving some sensible features for other activities sounds good nice hunt


  • auto motion detector.
  • Keeps you fit and active.
  • Stylish look.
  • Exercise while playing games.


  • non.

Hi dear @anayakhan you share a really great hunt for All creatures whose never miss any chance to stay healthy. Your product is really appreciable and easier way to stay healthy. Thanks for your time and share your thoughts with us and for others.

Body balance is my target rather muscle building. So it would be a great and nice effective trainer for me as well.

A very effective and useful product to stay fit and healthy. Fave contains amazing features. Thanks for sharing this amazing hunt with us.

Super product with many features, can help you training and also entertain you . Really great job hunter

as it includes video game training it would be a great thing for children moreover when we think of health it's another great thing ....!

Great hunt dear friend
This is really efficient smart home trainer through which we can can build our body balance and muscles in a unique way.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Our healthy body is the biggest wealth for us. In this busy life we ​​do not get the chance to go out for any special physical training, so this kind of application has been made so that if the person gets even a little time, then at home With this physical trainer, you can keep your body healthy. Such applications not only guide us to the right steps but also determine the appropriate methods for training.
Really useful search

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