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It's a very used application lately that monitors the movement in all possible ways. At the moment, for every 10k of steps you are paid by upvote in Do not hesitate to use this application. Do not hesitate to move.



Hunter: @analyst-any-area

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Hi @analyst-any-area,

Thanks for your hunt but Actifit has been hunted already. Because Steemhunt doesn’t allow duplicate listings it is important to always check whether a product has been submitted already.

We only accept duplicate listings when a product has seen a major update, so for example Canva v.6 is allowed as an update to Canva v.5.

but actifit have also very major update in last 2 week .Ceck please

Actifit still are in Beta. As such it is difficult to call anything a new version since even not version 1.0.

As per app listing on Play store:

Release version 0.3.1 beta includes (patch release)

The next major elements which may be considered for Steemhunt will be:

  1. Public available iOS launch since not part of initial launch
  2. When launches as SMT

I like this application. It make me move...

I like more and more!