SkyPad - Contact-Free Virtual Care & Emergency Call

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Contact-Free Virtual Care & Emergency Call



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🌟Let SkyPad CARE for you and your loved one. SkyPad is the Continuous & Real-Time Remote Health Monitoring Pad, placed under any pillow, that senses vital signs & well-being accurately without skin contact. A meaningful gift for loved one who is aging, living alone, homecare or in nursing home.

🌟Powered by OnSky Contact-Free Sensor Technology with AI, SkyPad continuously monitors vital signs, sleep and well-being without skin contact. At last you can sleep comfortably while being protected.
🌟All-in-One Virtual Care Solution
Just place the Pad under any pillow, then you are worry-free. No need to wear any device on your head, ear or body. SkyPad is packed with multiple health sensing capabilities for your well-being.


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It's time to you have some care in virtual way because this is the time of virtual life. it can help us anyone to serve others from home who need the service.

Monitor people health very well will assist you to do very well. Nice hunt.

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