iRcycle - Sneakers from Plastic of the Ocean

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Sneakers from Plastic of the Ocean



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At iRcycle we are aware of the problem that our planet is suffering. That's why we started this project, making sneakers using recycled materials, mainly plastic from the ocean. We have to do something, for each sale we will make a donation to a non-profit association.
We give 3 designs and the materials, you only have to choose the colors, each pair is manufactured as the customer likes, with thousands of different options, all MADE IN PORTUGAL.


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Nice to see recycling start to take off in a big way - this is the only way to rid the world of the excess plastic that is everywhere.

This is a great technology for recycling ocean plastics that are constituting nuiscance.

I suppose that as most sneakers are make of some sort of plastic, it makes sense to use recycled plastic to help clean up the oceans.

Great hunt, thank you for sharing 👍

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