Make Money - Earn money by doing simple task

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Make Money

Earn money by doing simple task



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You can make money from your mobile phone by doing simple tasks. This app gives many ways to make money. You can withdraw your earned money in Paypal.

This is the way you can earn money with this app.

  • By completing simple surveys
  • By giving an opinion to newly app and website
  • By watching small videos
  • By testing some services


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Nice hunt @amrishraj. It's cool to see that there are so many ways to make money on the internet. This looks like a nice way to make a few extra bucks in your spare time. Thanks for sharing and happy hunting!

I read all the reviews. Looks like it's another app you will sweat to get a dollar. It's amazing seeing opportunities online but it's pretty hard to get legit cool ones.

What are the surveys that tackle all about in this app? Might be use this app if the surveys are easy to answers. How about the payment for this app?

I think all the means of earning money on the platform are rather quite easy, I must confess.
I really loved this hunt and I think it is a great

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I want to try it. Does this app available for all countries?


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Looks interesting. @amrishraj I wonder how much they pay per task. I suppose that it’s a way to earn some extra pennies.
Interesting Hunt, though.