BullyApp - Teach your kids how to stop a bully

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Teach your kids how to stop a bully


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Bullying is all too common and kids are not exempted especially at school. Parents need to trust their kids to be prepared to face bullies instead of running away. In a fun and story-telling manner, BullyApp trains kids to develop the skills needed to face a bully and overcome it.

How it works

  • Tap on the cover to insert your name and photo into the story
  • Insert the bully’s name and photo into the story.
  • Select what the bully does to you.
  • Choose the boy or girl version.
  • Now the story is about you being bullied.
  • Email the story to the bully, your friends and your teacher.




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Bullies are widely spread around the world and it will need something that will turn upside down where the bullies will not bully anymore. This app makes the story about the bullies and the bullied. But what if it is not true and the user uses this app to make the bullied funnier?

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Idea behind this app is nice but i did not satisfied that this app gives a solid solution to parents that they guide their children to get rid off bullying.

The app has it's last update in 2015...
I don't know if it's still effective:(

What an idea. Another parenting based app, which I will must use for my kids. This is a problem solving idea and everyone should try . Thanks

Bully once got bullied and whatever s/he does now is just a reaction and we need to spread this message until all the world knows it. Also, we need to prepare our kids on this topic so that they know what to if someone tries to bully them.

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Bullying is becoming very rampant this days, I know because I am a teacher and I see it all the time.
It's necessary we teach kids to stop it