Newton Mail - Email app for your modern bussiness

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Newton Mail

Email app for your modern bussiness



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Hunter's comment

Hello dear great hunter's ,
Today is the day for modern communication technology so here is the my hunt about this.

Today am sharing a modern bussiness communication app Newton Email which is available on across all device & work well with :- Gmail , Microsoft exchange , yahoo mail & all IMAP accounts and also work with outlook , office 365 , icloud , Android , ios , Mac , windows , Etc...

Newton mail is for all your email accounts, on all your devices
Newton is a new generation email app so try it once

Stay happy
Thnx & Regards


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I honestly cant tell you exactly why I like this app so much. Part might be that I have an essential phone which is the same company that just revived this app. But it's simple, fun, not cheap, and good quality. A cheaper price and more colors

If you are looking for THE e-mail app, you have to take a look at this amazing piece of art of efficiency and simplicity.your mail app is just an amazing user experience. I really appreciate how it's pleased, fun and efficiently to check my mails with your app

The best email app. The $49.99 is well worth it. I hope it stays this time around. No email app out there like it. No other email app has the email receipts and features like this.

Yes you are right !
I found this app is very helpful in my business the design of this app is very impressive try it at once this is really a great mailing app

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