Kahoot - Turn any multiple choice test into a game

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Turn any multiple choice test into a game



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Kahoot is a free and fun way of turning any test into a fun experience. How it works is that it requires the students to connect to a test. The test questions will be displayed on the board while the answers will be displayed on the students' smartphones or device.

There are a few things that makes Kahoot fun. First, its crazy competitive. If you answer an answer correctly you get some marks, but answer it correctly and quickly and you are well on your way towards winning. IF you are feeling diabolical, you can set a time limit for each question. I prefer 20 seconds, students will be scampering to answer the questions with older students being on the brink of a heart attack.


  • Free, Fun and easy to build.
  • Allows you to print an excel sheet of how each student performed.
  • Students will be begging for more exams with Kahoot.


  • Students need to use smartphones and the school needs to have adequate wifi connection.

Overall, I have tested this in a primary school, a secondary school and a university, everyone finds this tool fun and I highly recommend it.




Hunter: @alvinauh


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i'm try now!!!!

Ya, I had experienced this during a training course and it vibe up the atmosphere :)

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Wow, this is a great hunt, i love it. Good job buddy

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