Mustang LP - Bring back that great feeling of cruising with your favorite

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Mustang LP

Bring back that great feeling of cruising with your favorite



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The Mustang LP is the latest breakthrough to enjoy music, with attractive retro automotive so that you need it here. play your favorite music and save it on a USB drive.

The mustang LP you don't need additional equipment because it has built-in speakers and internal amplifiers.


  • record your album to a USB flash drive
  • Exclusive '65 Mustang 'styling makes you feel like you're exploring.
  • Stereo audio output to connect to external speakers
  • Sensitive AM / FM tuner
  • 3-speed belt-drive turntable



Hunter: @alokzoom

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It reminds me of old car designs. I love classic cars, so I love it. You do not need another amplifier with its technological features. Thank you for this nostalgic product

the classic is more interesting.

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good hunting, classic and interesting, and this is modern

Thanks bro,,,

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yes, it's my fault and I'll fix it ..
thanks for the input


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