U Speak We Pay - Earn money by speaking in language of your choice

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U Speak We Pay

Earn money by speaking in language of your choice


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Hunter's comment

Hello Hunters,

Today I am sharing one fantastic app which pay for speaking.

Just speak the sentences as they appear in the app and make money by working from home. That's how easy it is!! Guess what? We'll even pay you for your referrals as well.
Not just this, you can refer this application using your referral code and make your earnings unlimited.

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This is an amazing way of earning money and anyone can use this app to earn money and its so simple.




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What type of payout does this support? Is it paypal? Well, i may try this one because i need money right now for my employment purposes.

Hi @vinzie1
Currently it's paying through PayTM wallet which works only in India.

A great App to enhance ur speaking skills & at the same time it is the source of earning. You can utilise your time and get paid for just pronouncing the sentences

With this app money and language knowledge both can be earned. Thanks for stopping by @steemshiro

Wow is really a very nice hunting service from which people can earn money by talking. It sounds like how much it looks like your assistant key and your technology where people can speak in voice, thank you, thank you so much a project to serve you. And of course, it will become very usable to use it very soon

Hi friend @mamun123456
yes this is nice and innovative service to earn money. Thanks for stopping by.

This is pretty interesting
I never thought languages were important so I didn't learn to speak mine, just English.
I wish I did, I perhaps would be earning a lot from it.
Anyway, I'll check it out, maybe I'll start learning my language as well

Cool Hunt

HI @julietisrael
knowing multiple language is a good idea and this app is great example. Thanks for stopping by.

I really like this application and appericiate it because I curious about learning languages of different countries. I will download this thanks btw.

Glad to know that you like to learn many languages and its great indeed. Thanks for stopping by @hazelalex

The advantage of using the Steemhunt platform is always an advantage. We have no chance to search the internet and do not find the applications here after we have a chance to earn money. If your language and accent is successful you can make money by logging into this application. There is no language I can speak and speak except English, but if you know one of the 7 languages in the application, you are quite advantageous.

Well said steemhunt is a platform where we can see these innovative ideas and yes if we know any one out of 7 language then here is the opportunity to earn.
Thanks @alikoc07 for stopping by,

Well that's really interesting, earn by speaking that does really catches the attention . While will look into it more Bookmarked. I hope it's legit lol . Besides nice hunt !!

Its legit app however the concept is new and they are paying everyday. Indeed its interesting. Thanks for stopping by friend @rehan12

One of the best app on the internet which actually pays. Wonderful concept. It actually helps with your communication skills and also pays. Dual benefits with the app.

Earning money is not that easy but this way looks like an awesome also we can learn languages in that way.

Hi @sanach
Very well said that this way looks so easy to earn money. One can earn some money through this app along with learning. Thanks for stopping by.

The vast opportunity the internet is offering is something mind blowing. Time will come were you get paid by sleeping or been a smart phone holder 😂 . I just cant think we will get to a stage were we get rewarded for the language we can speak. Things are really changing.

Indeed internet has become a nice place to earn money through various ways and this is new and unique. Thanks for adding nice comments.

Earning money on the internet is getting easier. Just speak the language and earn. I'm checking it out cos I need money

Hi @onyechi well said that earning money on internet is getting easier and its good for us as we can grab the opportunity. Thanks for stopping by.

Nice, this is what dan at eos should have done with voice. May be this is what the new project. He may have been testing it with this app.

We can hope Voice to come out with something like this. If this happens then its going to make a huge change, Thanks for stopping by @karamyog

pretty impressive we can get pay by speaking in urdu ?? is it really possible ??

Cool hunt friend keep on hunting 😊 upvoted😊

HI @hassanabid
Urdu is not in their list. Here is the list of language they support.

  1. English
  2. Kannada
  3. Telugu
  4. Hindi
  5. Gujrathi
  6. Tamil

Though there are some very positive reviews for this app but recent ones are mostly negative. The team behind this app must be vigilant and respond to the users' queries. Will check this app in more detail.

Hi @ugetfunded
Good catch about it. Even I had noted the same but I see that team is responding users with the solutions and this what I liked about them. This idea of earning money is unique and team is working to improve the app through these feedbacks. Thanks for adding valuable comment.

Oustanding! This is the first time that I came across an app that pays you just by speaking a few sentences. I have no idea what the developer will used it for though, but it surely is an interesting app that gave its user some pocket money.

Hi @beverlyjoe
Yes its completely new concept and even I never heard anything like this before. Indeed a good option to earn some pocket money. Thanks for stopping by.

Are you serious with this app? I will definitely give it a check. Internet has given everyone opportunity to make money online. Nice hunt

Hi @steep2308
This app is working the same way as described here and currently its live in India only. Hope in future they will expand to other countries.
thanks for stopping by.

Hi hunter greetings

this is something very new idea i guess. you can earn by speaking and in which your own selected favorite language well i likes idea of this application other wise who pays for speaking ? most of the time people try to shut your mouth hehe have a nice day :)

Hi @samriya
yes its new idea which pays for speaking. hehe :) you are right that no-one pays for speaking and people wants us to keep our mouth shut but not here in this app.
Thanks for stopping by.

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