NaPanta - Agriculture Crop Management App for Farmers

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Agriculture Crop Management App for Farmers


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This app is one-stop solutions for everything about farming and agriculture.

NaPanta" is Digital Platform designed to assist farmers in agriculture. Since June 2017, about 150,000+ farmers subscribed to our digital platform to access real-time market prices, crop management techniques, crop insurance, cold storage services, pest & disease management information. The real-time information in farmers’ hands empowers them to make informed decisions to reduce their crop expenditure.


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Hi @dayleeo
I have updated the image. Kindly review. Thanks
appreciate your support.

thanks, you're all set!

As the technology is advancing to a great level it is really great to see such apps coming ahead with the idea to minimize the load of a farmer.

Nice hunt.

Absolutely. Technology is making things easy for farmers and I hope to see much more improvement.

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