GirlCrew - A social network for women

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A social network for women



Hunter's comment

This is amazing platform and also called as social network for women,where you can make friends,make events and even you can join the crew.

You can find a group of girls here who loves travelling.

Just its simple just get the app and create events next will be everything fun.

Look at app interface



Hunter: @alizamanjutt454

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I having a feeling this is a cool women empowerment program, annoying males won't be allow
Cool hunt @alizamanjutt54

Great hunt @alizamanjutt454! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Ha! I am trying to figure out why someone will build app to leave the guys out! Actually it is a cool idea. Meet up with other 'girls' and have fun without the overbearing men. Am picturing a hair salon with this app where a lot of gists (I didn't say gossips) will fly around. It is a really @alizamanjutt454.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

That's really amazing app, I will surely join this app and will make new friendz. I like making new friends on social networks. This is lOoking awesome for me, thankyou for the cool hunt👍

Finally a social network for us. We won't get annoying messages any more. Sure I will be there. Thanks for sharing.

A great app to share experiences for the women. what about for men, LoL. by the way thanks for sharing,great app.

Well. It makes sense - being a "girls only" app. From your screenshot, they'll definitely have an amazing experience because the UI is very smooth.

wow this application is amazing, I can find my ideal woman easily, find friends and socialize with this application is easy. thank you for your great hunt