e.GO Kart - The World's Greenest Go Kart- Electric+Pedal Powered

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e.GO Kart

The World's Greenest Go Kart- Electric+Pedal Powered


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Hunter's comment

My Review:

I think it's perfect for lovers of hiking with different vehicles in the city. You can travel with both electric and pedal if you like. So we can travel both environmentally friendly and very cost-effective in the city


  • 250 W mid-engine
  • Max speed : 25km/h
  • Charging time: 4 hours


  • The e.GO Kart is assisted by a 250 W motor. The NuVinci hub system automatically adapts to the speed and cycling frequency, which means that there is no need for gear-switching.

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Hunter: @alikoc07


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Steemhunt has opened my eyes to so many gadgets and the transport line is one awesome area i will not forget, this is a great hunt.

Great hunt @alikoc07! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Very good feature is consuming electricity instead of oil. İt doesn't harm the nature and it also allows to making sport by pedals. Thank for this great hunt!

I really like this type of vehicles powered by electricity and aimed to giving us an incredible ride, and this GOKart is really great for its design and the very good speed it offers us. Another thing to note is that in comparison to other vehicles of this type this GOKart is somewhat accessible.

Great hunt.

A GoKart with a very nice design with aluminum details that make it stand out a lot, I really like that although it is electric it also works with pedals, so that we never stop and can continue our ride. Something that surprised me a lot is the speed so good that this small vehicle can reach.

Well done.

i like this E.go kart it's a thing different to the bicycle but with the same system mechanical of pedal. nice post.

Wtf? Is this a car? a bike? looks so cool and funnn, can't wait to be a cryptomillionaire to get my hands in this.


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