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LIVEwallpap-Desktop wallpapers

Live and motivating desktop wallpapers



Hunter's comment

I heard about an interesting technique of working with my own time and goals. It is called the "Table of Life."

The idea is that your life is drawn (printed) on a leaf with a statistical duration in the form of squares, each of which is equal to one week.

Then, what is already lived is painted over. The result is the remaining "free" time, which shows where you are now.

On the one hand, this approach should discourage all people are mortal and there is no need to do anything, but in reality it allows you to get rid of procrastination better than any books, the effect of which disappears after a couple of days or weeks. The main thing is to leave it in a conspicuous place. But this does not always work.

At the first start, the program will offer to make settings, which will then be saved in the ini file, which will be in the folder with the executable exe file. There, the program generates a file with a picture, which is then installed as a desktop wallpaper.


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