Tau - The only Dynamic decentralized blockchain network

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The only Dynamic decentralized blockchain network



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I guess that the best way to understand it is by examples of possible Tau-powered applications:

  • Facebook-like app, but you are the one who decide what features it should have. You'll have kind of personal assistant (artificial intelligence) that can help you to do some actions (Human-Machine-Human communication), for example write responses or analyze your weekly team discussions and generate a report with key findings (little demo - http://www.idni.org/)


What the Tau is doesn't matter, what matters is that it can change into anything we want it to be

I guess that it will help forward science
The goal is to make human communication more efficient

The key invention - Tau Meta-Language (TML)

It's the work in progress.

I'm super far from full understanding of it (better explore the official site, Twitter or latest posts by @rok-sivante)




Hunter: @alexbiojs


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Have to admit that this is a very interesting project. Basically it's like an Oracle middle man that is fair and just. You define the terms with machine and machine define the terms with other humans ad get the work done. Have to say that this can practicallyrics get rid of most court systems.

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I’m following this epic project myself too. Happy to see someone brings it up on Steemhunt. For sure the most promising project in blockchain.

I've been reading up about Tau for some time now but tbh, still looks technically complicated on the whole. Just recently, I stumbled on @rok-sivante's last blog on it and a better picture of it is now formed in my memory. I just secured myself first with Agoras.


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