IceBrick - Ice - energy storage solution little revolution

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Ice - energy storage solution little revolution



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Traditional Li-ion storage systems aren't safe neither for environment nor for humanity.

I didn't find a detailed explanation of their technology but I guess in a nutshell somehow their systems can store energy in the form of ice (charge phase) and then get that energy when needed by transforming the ice into the water (discharge phase).
They don't use rare/toxic materials.

it is 10 times more efficient in its energy density per square meter than any other available solution

They promise that their systems will have zero degradation for over 15 years of usage.
Also they will be

50% more cost effective

compared with traditional Li-ion systems

They have already created a prototype and

Our first commercial demo system (400 kWh) will be up and running this coming September



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This is definitely the best undervalued hunt i have seen today. Hope its not a dupe.

Lithium ion surely needs an alternative for ecological, environmental and political reasons. If what you description says is true, then this could be a game changer. Just too bulky i think.

its real :)

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