Internet of Trees - Forest fire alert system. IoT-powered

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Internet of Trees

Forest fire alert system. IoT-powered



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Do you know that there are about 185,000 wildfires/year in Brazil?


It's easier to prevent complications than to fight them.
Internet of Trees is an alert system which detects fires and inform people (firefighters, rescue teams, rangers...) about them.
The main component of it is a Fire Ranger (sensor) which can detect smoke, fire, humidity and temperature variations

The Fire Ranger can detect smoke coming from distances of 20 meters or less. The infrared sensor works at short distances (5 meters)

Fire Rangers detect a problem -> send a signal over the cellular network to -> servers -> and we get a visualized data in our browsers and messages to take actions

You can also use it to protect your crop and monitor the quality of the air in your forest



Hunter: @alexbiojs

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Oh I think this is a good idea. Once a fire occurs, it damages many lives and property. Therefore, if there is a sensor and network that can monitor these fires, it will be possible to respond in advance before they become bigger.

mmm this hunt is great because it helps to protect forest and the ecosystem, a very underrated issue. Nice hunto.

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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This deserves to be on top for everyone to know! Great hunt alex! Keep it up. You are making this platform successful!


I like this platform. thanks for encouragement )

Good hunt. The product is innovative but i dont know if problem about wildfires is getting to know about them, or the ability to tackle them fast. Possibly sending a signal as soon as a potential fire is noticed will lead to faster response times. One can hope but interesting hunt for sure.

Hey I've got a thing for trees but the name is deceptive. The idea behind this is outstanding though and would come in very handy for those who will use it! Nice

It's a very good thing for our planet and the animals who live in the forest. Without forests, people can not live. This would prevent the enormous damage that occurs each year due to forest fires.

A good product for the conservation of the environment. I did not know about forest fire statistics, very overwhelming.

It is great hunt. By this we can aware more from the fire. Thanks for you good hunting.

Wao this is a great technalogy.Forest have a great role in our enviroment we can save our forest by using Internet of Trees. Thanks for shareing.

This is one of the products that tackles critical real life issues. Wild fires are a nuisance and needs to be checked. Nice

In my country, forest fires became a very serious problem, some time ago, there was a great fire, so the government declared it as a national disaster, and thank you for sharing information about the Internet of Trees, I think this can be a solution for and prevention forest fires. Awesome hunt.

I really do love how technology is being used to help the environment. Forest fires, while deadly, can also wipe out large parts of the ecosystem. It is crucial that they be put out as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the hunt.

Wonderful Hunt You Created @alexbiojs.

"Internet of Trees"

which is very useful and effective in those areas who effected from this problem.This is a very impressive alert system which inform the such kind of situation timely to overcome.We can also use it to prevent our crop in fields and monitor the quality of the air in forests.

"Internet of Trees is an alert system which detects fires and inform people, firefighters, rescue teams, rangers in time."

This forest fire alert system will be very useful especially for some countries like Greece, Usa. Great product, great hunt.


  1. detects fires and inform people
  2. It can detect smoke, fire, humidity and temperature variations
  3. signal over the cellular network

Trees are very important for our atmosphere both for humans and the animals at the same time. This statement got me emotional and I really appreciate that there are some people still available who think about humanity:
Internet of Trees is an alert system which detects fires and inform people (firefighters, rescue teams, rangers...) about them.
Great Hunt @alexbiojs. Happy hunting!

Great Hunt. Inventor of this app deserves a big SALUTE. Forests or Trees are the savior of mankind specially during flood from water and also the main source of Nature and beauty.
Please keep hunting with awesome stuff @alexbiojs. All the best man and always Stay Blessed!


thanks for encouragement )

Yes I agree with you. There is lot of fire accidents occure in forest. But we don't have any product to get information at real time. I think this is the best product. Thanks for sharing.

With the climate change the forest fire become a problem worldwide not only in Brazil. It's great to see this kind of projects that have a practical use specially that like this in case of a disaster a lot of lives can be saved.

Wow...this sytem. really so cool and I think its help us technology make out work so eas that I like so much.your heant so amazing.I will shure search t this syten thanks. for sharing with us this great hunt. I like so much. keep it up.I want to see more.

Last year I was in Greece for a holiday, and I saw alive how bad forest fires are , not only for trees also for animals,environment, people. Great hunt.

It is a very useful device that can save a lot of lives from forest fire. It is very amazing that applying iot technology into this safety system.

OMG this is very good idea to protect forest from fires. It will inform firefighters, people and local government.

My country, Indonesia, needs IoT to handle forest fires for example Kalimantan island and Sumatra island rapidly .

Thanks for your hunt.

What a very useful technology. Wildfires are happening more often these days, not just in Brazil, but all over the world. From the United States, to Australia, and even countries in Europe. Any product to help us improve our reaction time is critical.

And, since this can even help us monitor air quality during downtime, it can also aid in efforts to improve the air quality in our forests.

Hello, your hunt is cool!
Here is my personal comment for your hunt:


  • Can save a lot of tree
  • Protect forest
  • Very useful for environment
  • Great use of internet


  • None

Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.

Pros and Cons
-Can help save our planet precious forest
-Great application of internet of things monitoring system

-Expensive to deploy

This alert system will save many trees. It's great idea to prevent or to take early action on forest fire. It alert directly the rescue teams so they can take action immediately. Great hunt for our world.

wow, @alexbiojshave a nice hunt. it can save our forest and wildlife you have a genius mind to find a product. thanks for sharing.


thanks. you are welcome )

Alert system for forest fire is a great idea. I hope Internet of Trees will be a great solution for forest fires. Awesome hunt.

wow, this is absolutely good news especially for the country that easy to get forest fire. this will save a lot of life for sure. cheers for the hunt

Perfect solution for forest fires. I feel myself always very sorry about the nature, trees, anials and people. Great hunt.

Thanks for sharing this type of hunt. This can save all the forest plant life. and even save from pollution.

This looks like a very environmentally friendly item to keep our forear line, thank you very much for your hunt~


  • Contains environmental sensors that protect the assets.
  • Protects forests and prevents fires from spreading.
  • It consists of modules connected to the Internet.
  • Detects variations in temperature, smoke air humidity and fire.


  • Any

It is allows key stakeholders to monitor a whole forest, helping them detect fires as soon as they begin

The trees give us so much, that taking care of it is our duty, the fires of them are getting worse and to have this device that alerts when the indendium starts is fantastic great hunting

Great Hunt! I didnt aware so many forest fires! This is really terrible!
It is a really great potential way to solve the problem
Nice sharing!

Thank you so much for this wonderful hunt. Farmers will benefit from this, once crop is protected, the air level will be well monitored which will really do your crop good

is an initiative that should be implemented in many places, the practical and complex is combined in this product to give timely response and prevent further damage in case of fire, is a great product and should be extended its use, is a great hunting.

It's amazing hunt @alexbiojs

do you know that in my country Indonesia there are some areas that always experience forest fires and become the biggest smoke disaster which has many deaths and diseases due to this smoke disaster. And I really hope that the Indonesian government will adopt this device to minimize forest fire disasters.

thank you it's really amazing.
Congratulations for the first rank today. Great your day



forest fires are a big problem in all countries. According to in 2011 there were about 21 thousands of forest fires in Russia. thanks. have a great day too )

I am a fire fighter here in my country and i must say, i have been waiting to see such device been invented. We here wanted to serve with whole heart but at times, we wont get alerted at times and this is really causing us some embarrassment. Will recommend this.


wow. I'll be glad if it will help someone. thanks )

wow..great hunt...its a great must be used in every part of the world

Fires do incredible damage to forests and usually take human lives as well so having an alert system capable of alerting firefighters to act before the fires spread to far is of great value.

great object and perfect for nature lovers to avoid the destruction of this and more knowing that wildfires take away much nature and seeing the importance of this on the co2

This fire ranger sensor is an effective improvement on the existing technology of monitoring forest fire with real-time monitoring of temperature variations, smoke and flames. A great way to prevent these natural deadly phenomenon.
Wonderful and eco-saving hunt.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

It's good to see how Internet Of Things IoT is connecting virtually all the smart devices in our homes. It has really made things easier. Awesome Hunt.

It's one great initiative to battle the forest fires. Often, they can grow too big and went out of control in just the blink of an eye! This also serves as one interesting use case of IoT technology! Great hunt!

I'm interested in this IoT because it can detect fire and alert people. It is very useful and effective system. Thanks for sharing cool hunt!

This is one of the useful hunt i have ever seen. Its great idea to alert the help organisations on time so that they can arrive fastly. I think this must be built to every forest in every country. Thanks for this great hunt


indeed. forest fires are a big problem. you are welcome )

This is very big problem in every country. A Forest fire is an uncontrolled fire occurring in nature. Many forest burn in every month in the world.this is a good solution of this big problem.Iternat of tress is such a genoius idea.this is very great system to inform the peoples.Really this hunt in very Amazing and informmative. Everyone like this great hunt.thanks for sharing this valuable Hunt.

Recently, I've noticed some cool products about natural disasters that cause lots of damage to living beings. Sensors based tech if used properly can help fight with these natural phenomenons. Internet Of Trees is great because it works fast and does not require any specific qualification to operate it. I'm already in love with this hunt. Stupendous job @alexbiojs.

I think, beneficiaries should also include general population as well, because, after all a forest fire is a loss to entire echo system. Amazing product, built by someone who lost almost his house in a wild fire. This is a great use case to consider for a community project, where funding is going to be a difficulty.

@alexbiojs, I like this alert system to prevent forest fire because this forest fire can be very serious and dangerous in many cities that we often hear in the news. Great hunt.

A great hunt. Not only it will detect and prevent forest fires which will destroy the ecosystem but also it is an amazing technology that will open up the idea of using detection and sensors for other important issues.

A great solution for forest fires. One of the best project, I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing and congratulations for this hunt.

Internet of Trees at the rank it deserves #1. That's a perfect solution for forest fires. Congratulations.

It's a great technology to helps the earth. We can prevent more damage by noticing early if fire happens

This allows key stakeholders to monitor a whole forest, helping them detect fires as soon as they begin.So this is amazing

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Great Hunt

Thank you so much for this wonderful hunt. Farmers will benefit from this, once crop is protected, the air level will be well monitored which will really do your crop good

thanks for the informationzonnetje.gif


  • great and smart

  • very useful

  • easy to get


  • none

Oh, that's great by using this we can be able to more takecare of our homeland forest.

First off, This is a great idea and I hope so would be its execution at a larger scale:

Fire Rangers detect a problem -> send a signal over the cellular network to -> servers -> and we get a visualized data in our browsers and messages to take actions

This is true and exactly what I was thinking while reading the first passage of this hunt:

You can also use it to protect your crop and monitor the quality of the air in your forest

So, a great number of human and animals can be protected from fire and additionally, trees and crops can be saved using the tech. I think this is the best usage of tech and for that reason, this is an EPIC HUNT. Excellent job @alexbiojs.

Awesome !

Finally, someone has come up with something that actually secures the future of next generations. From its name to functionality, Internet Of Trees is an awesome product.


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This sensor that is used in trees is very great to give warnings of possible fires, this is a great invention and a great hunting, so we can extinguish large fires before they are produced.

Very nice and very helpful alots of firefighters dies duto fire in this case. Now days gobelvarming is big issue. So very helpful.