Insight Timer - An awesome, interactive meditation app for all levels!

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Insight Timer

An awesome, interactive meditation app for all levels!


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Hunter's comment

I have been a regular user of Insight Timer since 2014. This is the app that I refer to anyone I speak to about meditation, whether they are experienced meditators or haven't meditated a day in their lives.

There;s so many things that I love about this app. One of the main things is that there's so much variety..from guided meditations, to talks, to beautiful timer bells; No two people are exactly the same and there there is something for EVERYONE here.

If you have five minutes to meditate you can filter through to meditations that are 0-5 minutes.

If you need help with a certain area, such as creativity, manifestation or sleep, you can filter to suit your needs.

One of the other things that I love about this app is the interactive feature. You can see who is meditating near you, or around the world, at the same time as you! You can makefriends, send messages and even see what your friends have meditated to.

I am also somewhat competitive, and I've found that the milestone tracker can help me stay more motivated to make sure I get some kind of practice in for the day to earn a star :)

This is a free app and very recently, courses were added for a small fee for anyone who may be interested in some more in depth training.

When you add the app, send me a friend request and let me know you are a Steemian friend!!



Hunter: @alexa.janell

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Hi @alexa.janell,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

interactive features let you see who is meditating with you
lots of choice on meditations, different themes, music lets you try different things
the milestone tracker keeps you motivated
the app is free
no cons

Pros :

  • having this app reminds me to meditate everyday
  • keeps me motivated
  • depending on my mood and my goals I can choose different meditations

Cons :

  • having to rely on technology for meditation

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