Senior Safety App - GPS Tracker, fall alerts for your seniors

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Senior Safety App

GPS Tracker, fall alerts for your seniors



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Senior Safety App is designed to be installed on your Seniors smartphone. Caregivers receive safety alerts when your senior is not safe. It features GPS tracking, fall alerts etc. You can also monitor your seniors' location on your web browser.


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Given that old people are often home alone, while their children and grandchildren are at work and school, this app is really useful in helping alert their family if they end up falling.

It's a nice way to keep track of your grandparents and parents. Some features could be even useful for keeping track of kids.

this is a must-have app for all seniors and its like an assistant for them.

I like the utility of this hunt and I think its great and innovation development.

I must say that its very useful hunt and must be promoted with more people.


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