OFFTOP - Rap And Record Over beats from your Phone

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Rap And Record Over beats from your Phone






Hunter's comment

This app allows you to rap or sing over a beat from your phone using an earpiece or directly to speaker.

It allows you to upload your own beats or use ready-made beats in different genres on the app's beats gallery.

Also, you have the ability to mix your song through two channels (vocals and beats ) with a mastering option.

After the songs are made, it can receive some likes in form of crowns from the app community.

It also supports song comments and private messaging (and of course notifications).

It has as an option to tag yourself as a singer for every song you make so you could be discovered by rpoducers in need of singers to collaobrorate with.



Hunter: @akintunde

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  • Great tool for rapper and musician
  • It can save a lot of efforts the ,ale your own beat
  • Easy to share with people


  • None