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PocketVideo - Easy Vlogging

Easy Vlogging






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Pocket Video is the world's first app for Video "vlogging". PocketVideo is the easiest and most powerful video editor for any purpose you have. You can create, shoot and edit your vlogs easily and post them directly into Youtube or anywhere you want with Pocket video.

Edit up to 10 minutes of HD video, perfect for your vlog needs and All the tools you need to vlog, in one simple yet powerful app.

  • Create and Edit Vlogs, Fast and Easy!
  • Landscape Editing fully supported
  • Post yout Vlogs directly to Youtube




Hunter: @ailyndelmonte


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congrats you are [verified]

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if you need help reach out to — @teamhumble, @dayleeo, @fknmayhem, @folken, @urbangladiator and i’m sure one of the mods will be able to help you get everything sorted.


Easy to use this simple, powerful app
First video vlogging pocket video
Edit up to 10 mins. HD video
Landscape editing fully supported
Post directly to Youtube


None that I can see at this time

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