Graphics Gale - Powerful, Easy to use Pixel Art & Animation Editor

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Graphics Gale

Powerful, Easy to use Pixel Art & Animation Editor



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Hunter's comment

Freeware program for image editing with focus on pixel-art but powerful enough to use as normal image editor. A great Photoshop/GIMP alternative.


  • Amazing features for pixel and sprite/game artists.
  • Low system resource usage. Portable version available.
  • Supports many formats from .png to ,ai videos & obscure formats like .ani.
  • Work on multi-frame images. Onion back or front frames. Can output as a spreadsheet, animated picture or file-per-frame.


  • Weaker than the usual all-purpose image editors.
  • Low system resource usage means lack of some features compared to alternatives.
  • Clunky user interface might be turn off for some people.



Hunter: @ahmadmangazap

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